The Children’s Hospital commences the first stage of merging ‘Torņakalns’ and ‘Gaiļezers’ sites

The Neonatal Departments of the Children's Hospital ‘Torņakalns’ and ‘Gaiļezers’ sites have been successfully merged, while implementing the strategy of the Children's Clinical University Hospital for the next five years. In the future, care and treatment for all preterm and new-born children will be provided at the 1st and 16th Department at the address: Riga, Vienības gatve 45. The merger of both Neonatal Departments is the first step in the five-year plan for the development of the Children's Hospital, during which it is planned to gradually merge treatment and care services provided at both sites. Significant contribution to the improvement of the Department was provided by Rimi Latvia.

Liene Dambiņa, Head of the Children's Hospital Foundation, said that the company Rimi Latvia provided great support to the improvement the new 16th Department, and this year allocated 40 775 EUR for the purchase of equipment for the Department within the framework of the charity campaign. "Rimi Latvia together with shop customers has made a significant contribution for 10 years to the development of the Children's Hospital and has donated 212 thousand of EUR for both the repairs of premises and the purchase of equipment. Also, this time, when the first step is taken to merge two sites of the Children's Hospital, the support of ‘Rimi Latvia’ is significant. Thanks to the donation, we were able to provide 13 cots for the Department, of which two are intended for twins, as well as other equipment for the needs and well-being of babies and parents. Public and companies will also play a key role in the future merging process of both sites in order to provide an appropriate and comfortable environment for children and parents."