Children's Hospital Foundation is an independent foundation operating since 31 January 2001.

The founding members are seven natural persons, including six popular physicians from the Children's Hospital enjoying public recognition.

The board of the Foundation consists of three people, out of which one is elected Chairman of the board for one-year term of office.

The Foundation has been assigned the status of a public benefit organisation by the authorities, meaning that donors are eligible to tax allowances prescribed by the Latvian law.

Objectives of the Foundation and lines of activities:

  • To support the development of the CCUH at all sites of the Hospital;
  • To promote raising of finances and attracting other help in order to improve the quality of the medical services provided at the Hospital, as well as the hospital environment and atmosphere;
  • To create a comfortable and professional environment for the patients, their parents and visitors;
  • To provide assistance to the CCUH patients if they need rehabilitation or treatment outside Latvia;
  • To provide support to the former CCUH patients who need additional help to be able live quality life in terms of health;
  • To provide help to the parents of the patients and their relatives as a support to the family at the time of crisis;
  • To support further education of the staff and exchange of experience.