10 public institutions and companies agree on reducing children traumatism in Latvia

The Children's Hospital, the Children's Hospital Foundation together with 10 public institutions and companies united and created a joint plan to reduce child traumatism in Latvia.

Children traumatism in Latvia continues to increase every year, although the birth rate of children decreases. In order to address this serious problem, 10 public institutions and companies have united and created a joint action plan, with the ambitious continuation of the social campaign ‘Protect Children’ launched by the Children's Clinical University Hospital and Children's Hospital Foundation at the end of 2017. Within it, in 2018 both children and adults throughout Latvia will be trained in traumatism in various practical ways.

This year, the National Children Rights Protection Inspectorate, the Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, the State Police, the Riga Municipal Police, the Consumer Rights Protection Centre, the Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the Association of Family Physicians of Latvia joined the ones — the Children's Hospital and the Children's Hospital Foundation— that initiated the social campaign. The idea is also supported by the Education Content Centre of the Ministry of Education and such companies as store chain Fans, online store Nuko, printing house Zemgus, and other companies with whom negotiations are held on long-term cooperation in reducing children traumatism in Latvia.