"Day of Goodness" fulfil the children’s dreams

On the "Day of Goodness", the total donation amounting to EUR 105 813.05 provides the opportunity to help all children!

LNT, the Children's Hospital Foundation, Rimi and Supernetto chain stores, as well as Norvik Bank's charity campaign "Day of Goodness" final concert was held on May 28, however, as usual, donations could have been made in June. In total, EUR 105 813.55 were donated during the campaign, which will enable Emanuels, Mihails, Katrīna and Marta to live more fully, as well as 29 more children who need support to improve their health and quality of life!

The organizers of the campaign are grateful to everyone who, in the framework of the "Day of Goodness", helped the children get the most important thing — to improve their health and get a sense of joy! Liene Dambiņa, Head of the Children's Hospital Foundation, reveals that some children have already received assistance: "Sincere thanks to all those who took part in the campaign "Day of Goodness" and responded to the call to help children! Thanks to the donations, we have already obtained the necessary things for campaign ambassadors to improve their health. 10-year-old Emanuels has received specialized new orthoses, 8-year-old Katrīna, who has diabetes, has received a new insulin pump, and 2-year-old Marta, who has a severe genetic disease, has acquired medical equipment to maintain the vital functions. The fourth campaign ambassador Mihails will get the assistance quite soon, as well as 29 more children who need the support now in order to live well and recover!"

The funds donated during the charity campaign "Day of Goodness" will be used for various medical treatments for children.

The donated funds will also provide the opportunity to repair the waiting rooms and playrooms in the Children's Hospital, making them more lively and cozy. Initially, it will be the Children's Hospital's Surgery Department, whose recreation room will experience pleasant changes. Every child is very worried before the surgery, so it is important that the environment is supportive and helps feel safe and also reduce the anxiety and stress!

Making contributions after the "Day of Goodness" concert was possible on the website of the Children's Hospital Foundation, on the online banking of Norvik Bank, by calling 90006486, at Rimi kiosks or on the website www.mansrimi.lv, by donating My Rimi cash savings, as well as at stores in Rimi and Supernetto across Latvia, where are donation boxes.

Big thanks to all contributors for the opportunity to fulfil the “Day of Goodness" children’s dream – to become healthy!