Charity campaign ‘Give the Child an Opportunity!’ comes to the end

Donation for children will help in emergency situations!

In a nice and sincere atmosphere, the Children's Hospital ended the charity campaign "Give the Child an Opportunity!", which this year was organized for the first time by the company "InCREDIT GROUP". Within the campaign, where, during two months, every customer of the company could take part in the campaign, EUR 40 000 were received which would be directed to such children who need medical assistance that is not paid by the State. Together with the donation, representatives of "InCREDIT GROUP" organized the celebration for the Hospital's little patients today, as well as transferred to the Foundation special teddy bears with the words written on them "Now I can do everything!" that will be traveling companions and encourage those little patients who will need to go abroad for treatment. Every year, the Children's Hospital Foundation assists the Children's Hospital's patients to receive urgent medical assistance abroad, because their medical manipulations for their health in Latvia are not carried out. To help save money and to ensure that all children who are in an emergency situation can get support, peer donations are important!

Situations that the Children's Hospital call emergency situations need to be addressed promptly, providing the child with the opportunity to receive medical assistance outside of Latvia, or providing the necessary medications and examinations that are not paid by the State but important in the child's treatment process. The doctors from the Children's Hospital communicate with their foreign colleagues and organize the child's treatment process, while the Children's Hospital Foundation takes care of the transportation and stay of the child and one of the parents, as well as in some cases of a donor and accompanying physician, at a particular clinic. The Foundation covers all necessary expenses not related to direct costs of treatment — flight, analyses and diagnosis of disease, purchase of certain medicines, if not reimbursed by the State, courier services for the delivery of analyses to the laboratory, as well as accommodation expenses of an accompanying person, the most frequent a parent, during the child's treatment.

"We are grateful to the company "InCREDIT GROUP" for the initiative and donation that next year will help many children and their families in the worst moments when support is needed! And wonderful teddy bears will definitely become a talisman and beloved friend for children, that will be with them in moments when they need to overcome their fear and stress," said Liene Dambiņa, Head of Children's Hospital Foundation.

Depending on the required assistance and the severity of the disease, the Foundation grants EUR 300-5000 or more for the treatment of one emergency patient who needs help outside Latvia. If a child needs only analysis or diagnosis to be carried out outside Latvia to start a treatment process at the Children's Hospital, the costs are lower. On the contrary, if, for example, liver transplantation is needed, the costs may even exceed EUR 5000, as the time of stay at the clinic is about 3 months, and even then it is often necessary to carry out several tests at the foreign clinic specialists.

"On behalf of the company, we would like to thank all those who participated and donated to the most sincere project of this year "Give the Child an Opportunity!" In the framework of the charity project, our customer donation reached EUR 20 000. Realizing that much more money is needed for this purpose, we doubled that amount, and now the total donation is EUR 40 000. Thanks to these funds, many children at the Children’s Hospital will get an assistance. Thanks again to the customers who donated, and many thanks to the Children's Hospital Foundation which is doing so much for the benefit of our children, we appreciate such cooperation. Let's give children the opportunity with our joint forces!" Mihails Koklins, Head of Marketing, "InCREDIT GROUP".