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The Children’s Hospital and the Children’s Hospital Foundation thank you for your support in alleviating the effects of Covid-19 crisis!

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Children’s Hospital Foundation and VSIA “Children’s Clinical University Hospital” have received huge public support, which has enabled the implementation of several measures important for the health of both child patients and hospital staff! In a month and a half, the amount of both material and monetary donations has reached 251,430.08 Euro!

Not only have individuals and businesses responded to calls for help, but most often they have taken the initiative and been willing to donate to the needs caused by the Covid-19 crisis. Owing to the support we have received, we have been able to provide the Children’s Hospital with oxygen devices, disposable gowns, various types of protective masks, phonendoscopes, IT equipment for remote consultations, webcam kits, free mobile communication, as well as a number of very important practical things improving the safety of the staff and our child patients during the crisis, limiting the need to visit public places, including grocery stores – the donors have provided hot meals, a variety of foods and soft drinks, transport and other important things. We truly thank everyone who has helped and donated to the needs related to the Covid-19 pandemic: MikroTik, Latvijas Mobilais Telefons, Molo, TET, SEB banka, Pranamat, Evolution Latvia, TestDevLab, Baltic China Agency for Cooperation of Commerce, Culture and Education, Juglas Jauda, Coca Cola Foundation, MAXIMA Latvia, Hebe, WUF kids, BTA Baltic Insurance Company, Gatis Zunte, SIA “Translation and Regulatory Services”, Balticom, LNK Group, Orkla Latvia, Airo Catering Services Latvia, Aldaris, JDE coffee, Tele2, Bite, Agrichamber, TWINO.

“The entire team of the Children’s Clinical University Hospital would like to thank everyone who helps the Children’s Hospital in this challenging time. On the 30th anniversary of the restoration of Latvia’s independence, I would like to thank everyone for the support provided to all health care institutions, including the Children’s Clinical University Hospital. Both then and today, we mutually reinforce each other, encouraging us to overcome difficulties as the hope of a good outcome is vibrating in the air. This is also a time of opportunity when, with the support of the state and society, we are able to quickly address processes that were not relevant at the national level before. Digital solutions, including remote consultations, will definitely be a lasting and important step in the health sector in Latvia,” commented Valts Ābols, Chairman of the Board of the Children’s Hospital.

“The response of donors during the crisis, when it was urgent to deal with many practical issues at the same time, including those not directly related to the provision of health services, has been very important! We have children who received treatment outside Latvia and could not return home due to their health condition. Therefore, we promptly organized support for families to buy food and other things that were needed. Together with the Children’s Hospital, we have been able to implement a number of measures to reduce the health risks associated with the Covid-19 virus in child patients. At the same time, we have tried to make sure that the children have a happy event during this period when all activities in the hospital have been cancelled. And thanks to the response of donors, Easter, even during the crisis, was full of nice surprises for child patients! It turns out that a lot of wonderful and valuable things can be done remotely, as long as there is desire and determination. A heartfelt thank you to everyone who has got involved and helped!”, thanked Liene Dambiņa, Head of the Children's Hospital Foundation.

Even in times of crisis, the Children’s Hospital Foundation continues to implement all support programs, adapting and finding appropriate solutions during the COVID-19 pandemic:

  • Support for children with ASD who are still undergoing treatment, as several providers provide remote counselling (Multifunctional Centre “Solis Augšup”, Centre “Look”, Autism Centre, and ABA Baltija).
  • Support for children with mobility impairment – although it is currently not physically possible for child patients to go outside Latvia, visits are rescheduled, as well as payment is made for those children who managed to go for a consultation before the crisis.
  • During the crisis, the Parents’ House only admits the parents from the Intensive Care Unit to reduce the risk of infections to the patients with severe health conditions, while the Parents’ Home specialists – clinical psychologist, cognitive-behavioural therapist Inese Lietaviete and Parents’ House Chaplain, Riga Luther Evangelical Lutheran Pastor Lindars Rosenthal – offers emotional and mental support via phone conversations to the parents and staff of the Children’s Hospital.
  • The Adolescent Resource Centre provides support and services to young people remotely during a crisis, including crisis counselling by the centre’s specialists.
  • The Autism Room continues to consult remotely.
  • Support for children with diabetes – 39 children who need glucose monitoring systems have already applied for support.
  • The staff of the Foundation continues to advise parents in various situations, including changes related to planned consultations and visits outside Latvia, as well as provides support in emergencies, such as providing food, transport, and other necessary things to protect the health of a child with reduced immunity.
  • During the crisis, the Foundation ensures that hospital patients’ analyses are sent by courier so that children can receive an accurate diagnosis and more successful treatment.
  • Support for children with epilepsy – 12 electrodes have been provided so that operations with children with epilepsy can be performed in the Children’s Hospital soon.
  • The Foundation continues to pay for medicines for children with diabetes, oncology, and patients with rare diseases, as well as pays for special foods (mixtures) for children with severe allergies.


Everyone can donate to the initiatives of Covid-19 crisis and other support programs implemented by the Children’s Hospital Foundation at www.bsf.lv.