On the 100th anniversary of Latvia, PepsiCo Baltics presents a gift for recovery of new-born patients of the Children’s Hospital

On Friday, 18 May 18, Cheetos Česters and PepsiCo Baltics closed a charity action "Česters Gives a Warm Nest to Babies!" implemented in the spring, along with a gift to the Children’s Clinical University Hospital Anyone who responded to Čester’s call and bought any Cheetos package during the campaign, donated 5 cents for the purchase of new-born baby cots. On the 100th anniversary of Latvia, a special gift was presented to the smallest people of the country - three special new-born baby cots with a total value of 7000 EUR. The campaign was organized in cooperation with the Children's Hospital Foundation.

"Every year in Latvia, about 6 % of all new-borns are born prematurely. Each of them must be helped to live, grow, develop and be healthy. Children's Hospital Neonatal Department is one of the places in Latvia that can provide the necessary support for these babies. Premature babies need the conditions imitating the mother’s environment, including the warmth. It was initially provided by incubators, but, when the child grows — special cots. They are useful for both the staff in the process of medical manipulation and care and for the parents who are involved in the treatment process and are learning to take care for a baby, allowing it to feel the touches and presence of its parents," emphasized Daiga Kviļūna, Head of the Neonatal Clinic.