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Fulfilling the Dreams

It is extremely touching when strangers, without knowing the specific children who have told their wishes to Santa Claus, committed and fulfilled their dreams.

  • AS Ventbunkers promised at Christmas time to fill the Santa’s sack with the most desired gifts for children! In return, the foundation Fairy House for Children ensured the visit of Santa Claus and attractive Dwarfs who were carrying a large, large gift bag. Everyone out of 46 patient from the Haemato Oncology Department of the Children's Hospital could write to Santa Claus about their most desired gift, and ..... dreams come true!
  • For several years, the sweets manufacturer Laima has been inviting the society to take part in a charity campaign and to fulfil the dreams of Latvian children for Christmas presents that their families cannot afford. Every year, in the charity campaign of Laima, presents to ~800 children from low-income families, as well as to little patients from the Children's Hospital are gathered. Every adult needs to make sure that our children feel safe, get what they need, be loved and happy. It is extremely touching that strangers, without knowing the specific children who showed their desires, committed and fulfilled their dreams. Special thanks to the sweets manufacturer Laima for the fact that during the campaign were also addressed such children who, due to various reasons, could not be at home together with their relatives because they had to go to the hospital. Thanks to this campaign, many were pleased, including a boy who admitted that he had never had a gift under the Christmas tree.