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Children help children

Former patients of the Children’s Hospital, classmates of patients or children who have sensed a willingness to help their peers – we feel proud of our youngest assistants, and we are truly grateful to their parents and teachers for their involvement and support!

  • The Children’s Hospital had a special joyful event when the hockey players of the Hockey School Dinamo U-11 came to visit the little patients. It was very pleasing to see that such young boys had already felt the desire to help and support. We highly appreciate that the young people found time and energy in their busy routine to make gifts, to donate board games and to have a common table hockey tournament. We feel really pleased with our new generation.
  • Private primary school RIMS-Riga International Meridian School visited the Children’s Hospital with their own beautifully decorated gifts. Thank you very much! It was the idea of 7-year-old Azra — Azra thought she already has so many toys at home, but there are children who have no such, moreover at the moment when a serious treatment is necessary due to their health condition. Azra shared her idea with her school management and other children and as a result school children, guided by their teachers and after consulting with the Children’s Hospital Intensive Care Department, provided toys to the little patients!
  • Pupils from the Private Secondary School Patnis donate more than EUR 1000 in the charity market every year! In the first year when the pupils started supporting the Children’s Hospital, they had heard about little Dāvis who needed help. They discussed the situation with each other a lot. The school management had also thought about charity to help the Children’s Hospital Foundation, but the interest and responsiveness of children to the idea regarding donation was decisive. After the Christmas concert, the pupils together with parents, relatives, friends and teachers arranged places for the market and invited everyone to buy different delicacies, hand-made jewellery, drinks, food and other miracles made with beloved ones. During the evening, the tutors calculated the performance of the classes and poured it in the donation box. About EUR 1080 was in the box which is a great satisfaction for everyone. At the end of the trade, the log pulling was organised, and all the disasters were then burned with the whole log, good wishes were told. We are so proud of these children who care about other people!
  • Thanks to the initiative of the pupils and teachers from the Latvian International School (ISL), a creative expression competition was organized, in which the exhibited works could be purchased at an auction. The result of the auction is significant — the total amount of EUR 1000 — it was donated to the Children's Hospital Foundation to help the little patients in the Children's Hospital. We sincerely thank you very much — we appreciate your work!