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Help them rise up! Support for Ukrainian refugee families

Donated in last 30 days: 60 €

Children's Hospital Foundation is dedicated to supporting the health and wellbeing of all children residing in Latvia. Therefore we wish to extend a helping hand to the Ukrainian children and families fleeing from the devastating war that has left them without any support system.


Since the start of the war in Ukraine, Latvia has welcomed thousands of Ukrainian refugees, including families with children who need healthcare support. Even though the Latvian government extends state healthcare support to Ukrainian refugee children and families, unfortunately some children need healthcare services that are not covered by state funding. 

Children's Hospital Foundation has already received requests to support Ukrainian refugee children in need of psychological support, medicine, transportation to and from healthcare facilities, as well as ABA therapy for children with autism spectre disorders. We also expect to provide funding for other healthcare services that are not covered by state funding, social services, etc.

In order to be able to support both Latvian and Ukrainian children who need healthcare services here in Latvia, we ask for your support! You can donate here, by card payment or bank transfer, or by placing a call to 90006864 (4,27 EUR, incl. VAT) if local.

On March 26 we organized a fundraising concert for this cause. 100% of the entry cost was a donation to the Foundation and will be used for the intended cause.