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Thanks to the contributors who participated in the campaign "Day of Goodness", Katrīna has a calmer everyday life, as she received an insulin pump she needed so much.

Katrīna is a smiling and joyful girl, but, unfortunately, at the age of four she was diagnosed with a serious disease— diabetes mellitus. It completely changed the life of Katrīna and her family. A peaceful everyday life turned into anxiety about the health condition of the daughter.

Since the age of four, the girl has had to follow a diet and control her blood sugar level. It has to be measured at least five times a day, and even at night, as, if the sugar level falls, the girl can enter a coma.

The disease is not curable, but Katrīna’s life can be relieved with an insulin pump. Thanks to the contributors who participated in the campaign Day of Goodness, the family has received it. If until now Katrīna has had insulin injections even up to five times a day, then now there is less to worry about. The injection should be made only once every four days, moreover, Katrīna does not need to worry about the fact that she should hide from people from time to time to inject the insulin. Instead, the required dose of insulin should only inserted in the device.