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Charity campaigns

For many companies and peers, the organization of various charity campaigns has become a tradition in order to support the Children's Hospital or engage in one of the support programs implemented by the Children's Hospital Foundation.

  • Over more than 5 years, within the framework of the charity campaign Tires with Heart, Pirelli Key Point centres have donated to the Children's Hospital a particular amount of each set of summer tires sold. Car drivers can also participate in the campaign by making their contributions to the donation boxes placed by Pirelli Key Point. More than EUR 60 000 have been donated for 6 years!
  • Dr. Solomatin’s Eye Rehabilitation and Vision Correction Centre once organized a donation campaign to purchase the necessary hand held bio-microscope for the treatment of little patients in the Children's Hospital's Clinic of Eye Diseases. The bio-microscope greatly facilitates visual diagnostics for infants and young children, allowing to conduct an examination without general anaesthesia.
  • For the past six years, on the Christmas Eve, the First Baltic Channel has invited to participate in the charity campaign within which, with the help of TV viewers, gifts are prepared for little patients in the Children's Hospital, inviting viewers to bring gifts to the fashion and entertainment centre Riga Plaza information point.
  • The company Pārdošanas skola organized a charity campaign For Our Hearts, attracting funds for the health of little hearts. Our heart is an organ whose health determines the quality of our life and the ability to live a life of full value. Occasionally, severe heart diseases also affect the children who have just arrived in the world. Both highly professional medical care staff by their knowledge and attitude, and modern medical devices and equipment help to get cured and be healthy.
  • At the end of 2013, the Association of Latvian Commercial Banks invited the people to prepare for the introduction of euro, by donating saved santims for the reconstruction of the Haemoto Oncology Department of the Children's Hospital. The coins were donated to the Children's Hospital in the big donation box in the amount of LVL 1480.32 or EUR 2106.31. Their total weight was about 134 kilograms, and one and a half hours were required to count the coins, by the use of special coin counting device. 
  • Galactico shopping centres in Riga - Alfa, Origo, Galerija Centrs, Mols and Dole — are implementing a special joint project — the charity wall Le’s Help Together! This long-term social responsibility program is implemented by Linstow Center Management Centre which is proud to be its implementer and to involve more than 50 million visitors of shopping centres, enabling them not only to shop, but also to provide support to those who are particularly in need. Within the framework of the project, everyone has the opportunity to donate to little patients in the Children's Hospital!
  • The charity campaign From Heart to Heart has been organized for 4 years in a row in the fashion and entertainment centre Riga Plaza. During the project, in exchange for donations, it was possible to get souvenirs specially made for this campaign - jewellery, postcards, paintings, knitwear, etc. It is extremely touching and it is enormous pleasure that people take initiative themselves, organise events and help by giving support to the Children's Hospital and making happy little patients who currently need to spend time in the hospital. For example, one year, during the campaign From Heart to Heart, nearly EUR 8000 were raised that have already been spent on the reconstruction of the Oncology Department of the Children's Hospital. The organizer of the campaign Jeļena Tonova is convinced that the most important is not the amount to be raised, but to involve children, young people and the elderly in such campaigns to support a specific group that needs help - in this case, children with oncological diseases.