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Safe cape

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When a long-awaited baby is born prematurely, the parents face a lot of anxiety and massive experience. In cases when the child’s health is endangered, the baby and mother are instead of home taken from the maternity home to the Children’s Clinical University Hospital. The child is very fragile and gentle. The mother, in turn, must devote all her energy and strength to the baby and good thoughts.


The colleagues in the Children’s Hospital learn on a daily basis that not all mothers have sufficient financial resources to be able to cover unforeseen costs. New-borns whose parents are poor also come to the hospital. Therefore, basic and essential support is provided with the help of the Children’s Hospital Foundation.

To be able to support these families and babies, we have developed the Safe Cape initiative with the Social Support Program for Parents in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

Within the framework of the program, we plan to provide support to 36 non-work income mothers each year, whose babies are in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, calculating the average length of stay as between two weeks and one month.

The support includes:

  1. Baby’s necessities (pampers, baby soap, milk mixture, bottles, towel).
  2. Hygiene products for mom (detergents, hygiene items, towels).
  3. Meal vouchers at the Children’s Hospital canteen.

The average cost per mother and baby is 207 Euro.