Parents' House

Parents' House is for accommodating the parents of the Children's Hospital patients who wish to stay near to their child who is being treated at the hospital.


Parents' House was opened in 2010. It was renovated and set up thanks to public donations, contributing over EUR 550,000 to the project. The project was successfully implemented as part of the charity campaign "Saulainas dienas" (Sunny Days), organised jointly by the Children's Hospital Foundation and the newspaper "Diena". We continue to be very grateful to all donors who believed in this project and contributed their donations, in order to enable the parents to be near their child in the Children's Hospital and also receive the support they need. The management and the staff of the Children's Hospital shared with us the same understanding that parents play a crucial role in the child's treatment process, and it is critical that a parent can take some rest and then get fully involved the teamwork with the staff.

The support at the Parents' Home

5 years ago parents had very limited possibilities to stay near their child, and there was almost no comfort: it was particularly hard for the parents whose child stayed in the hospital for a long time, meaning that also the parent is practically living in the hospital. Architect Zaiga Gaile's design turned the Parents' House into a beautiful, comfortable and cosy environment for parents. The specialist personnel and more than 140 volunteers have created a warm and serene atmosphere that the parents need very much. Right now we are satisfied that we have succeeded in renovating the Parents' House as well as have made arrangements that the door is open for parents 24/7; there is also a possibility to get a support from a social worker, psychologist and priest. During the 5 years, the Children's Hospital Foundation, by attracting supporters, has invested over EUR 250,000 to run house. During the 5 years, more than 2000 relatives of children have stayed overnight and received support at the Parents' House. On the average, each month about 65 relatives of the little patients are staying in the parent's house about 3-4 days. Mums are the main guests of the Parents' House (60%), while 32% of relatives are dads. Over 100 volunteers working in the house and specialists - psychologist, chaplain as well as social worker and social pedagogue – have helped families all over Latvia.

A parent is the most important person for a child and the best helper in getting well; therefore his or her presence is very important when the child is being treated at the hospital. However, for parents, too, support is important when they have a crisis, to be able to help their child with full capacity. Parents' House brings together the parents of the children who have been ill for a long time, as well as those whose child is in reanimation or has arrived for elective surgery, and each of them needs our help and the possibility to regain the strength, to be able to get up in the morning and continue the struggle for the child's health!

The Parents' House is situated on the Vienības gatve hospital site; there are 9 bedrooms with 20 beds, laundry room, kitchen and dining hall combined with recreation room.

The house has been set up and is maintained thanks to donations.

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