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Parents' House

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Support the parents at the Children’s Hospital! Every year the Parents’ House provides accommodation and help for more than 1000 parents of our little patients. Give the parents an opportunity to stay close to their children while at hospital.


Parents’ House

At hospital children not only meet unknown places and people and face unpleasant testing, they also often feel lonely and homesick. Then we provide the Parents’ House – the place to stay close to the child and rest. The Parents’ House in a temporary home, their home while away from their home.

The Parents’ House is an integral part of the stay at the Children’s Hospital, as the parents supported here feel more peaceful and secure and can give more attention and energy to their children at hospital. Apart from the night stay, the equipment for most daily routines are available – washing and ironing clothes, taking a shower, cooking food, taking a rest form the stressful day at hospital, or, on the contrary, doing some job using the computers. It the comfortable kitchen of the Parents’ House the children and parents can cook together and enjoy their favourite meals and home they miss while at hospital.

Parents' House was opened in 2010. It was renovated and set up thanks to public donations, contributing over EUR 550,000 to the project. The project was successfully implemented as part of the charity campaign "Saulainas dienas" (Sunny Days), organised jointly by the Children's Hospital Foundation and the newspaper "Diena". We continue to be very grateful to all donors who believed in this project and contributed their donations, in order to enable the parents to be near their child in the Children's Hospital and also receive the support they need. The management and the staff of the Children's Hospital shared with us the same understanding that parents play a crucial role in the child's treatment process, and it is critical that a parent can take some rest and then get fully involved the teamwork with the staff.

The Parents’ House also provide the professional psychological and mental care, support and educational meetings, both – during the treatment and post-hospital time.

Every story of the parents in the Parents’ House is different. Some children are in the Intensive Care Unit where the parents are allowed only at daytime, the premature birth babies can stay with one of the parents, etc. The Parents’ House is open for the little patients, their siblings and families. We believe the family love and care is as effective as the best medicine.

Usually the parents express they gratitude for the support received in the Parents’ House as a peaceful and cosy shelter within the Children’s’ Hospital.

The Parents’ House has been our shelter since our 6-year-old has been having a long-term oncological treatment and we have a 2-month-old in our hands. Without the Parents’ House, one of them would miss his mother, which is the most wanted person for any child. The most important for me is not having to make a choice between my two children. The Parents’ House is an opportunity to stay together and survive through our family difficulties. It is an essential support to get over the treatment more successfully. (Ilze, Hanna’s mother) 

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the Parents’ House of the Children’s Hospital Foundation for their help through our dark time. The kindness, involvement, and care of the staff and volunteers are invaluable. Thank you for the cosy and warm space to feel at home. (Elīna)

The services the Parents’ House provide are only possible with the generous and sincere donations and the great number of volunteers, who give their time and work to keep the Parents’ House open 24 hours a day. We invite you to join our friends and supporters, to make our little patients’ families feel at home during their stay at hospital!

Contact us:

Phone: 28355353
Manager of the Parents’ House: liene.indrane@bsf.lv
Address: Vienības gatve 45, Rīga