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The New Premises of the Haemato Oncology Department

Thank you all who helped us to build new, suitable and customized premises for children!

A charity campaign unites thousands of people and businesses!

The charity campaign Sunny Days with the goal to carry out renovation of the Haemato Oncology premises at the Children's Hospital started late in 2012 and was completed in the spring of 2014. During the campaign EUR 1,118,282.42 was raised, of which EUR 785,053.14 was contributed by donors, while EUR 333,231.28 was granted by the state! Initially the funding was envisaged for the in-patient unit of the Haemato Oncology on the ground floor, but during the project the Children's Hospital managed to raise extra funding, which enabled renovation of the first floor as well, designated for the day in-patients of the Haemato Oncology. There are altogether 36 beds on both floors.

The Children's Hospital Foundation together with allies started a charity campaign towards raising money for renovation of the Haemato Oncology Department at the Children's Hospital, to enable the patients to undergo therapy in adequate and comfortable premises relevant to the profile of the disease. During the campaign, thousands of individuals and businesses contributed money and also their work, to accelerate the renovation of the premises. Media sponsorship was provided by co-organisers and long-standing supporters of the Sunny Days campaign AS Dienas mediji, Pirmais Baltijas Kanāls, radio station Skonto, Rīgas Pilsētas līnijas and JCDecaux, while TV clips and models were created by advertising agency TBWA/Latvija and Film Angel studio, which was a donation to the information and contents of the fund-raising campaign.

Joy about what we accomplished with combined efforts

On 25 May 2015, we organised an Open Doors Event when every donor and supporter who helped with the renovation of the Haemato Ontology Department at the Children's Hospital could come and have a look at the new premises, talk to the staff of the department, to the organisers of the campaign and fellow supporters.

The new department

Much work and time was contributed to design the layout of the premises, so that children and their parents have premises that are comfortable for use, functional, pleasant and well-equipped from the medical aspect, to have everything they need. The layout envisages accommodating a child and a parent in the ward; and each ward has its own bathroom. The in-patient unit also has intensive therapy wards with autonomous ventilation system, so that children with exceedingly low immunity are in a safe environment. For the first time, there is also a separate recreation room for parents, because most frequently parents stay near their child during the entire long recovery period. There is a specially accommodated multi-functional playroom where both the smallest and bigger patents will be able to find something interesting to occupy themselves with – to give them some break from the hospital environment.