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Brave and wonderful Monta is the ambassador of "Day of Goodness". Thanks to the support of contributors and her determination, Monta has begun to walk independently.

Monta is an artistic girl who likes drawing, making everything from paper and other handicrafts. She has a rare disease — arthrogryposis. The disease manifests itself in muscle weakness and joint deformation.

Thanks to the support of contributors who participated in "Day of Goodness’" Monta was able to go to Germany where she underwent the surgery, and orthoses were made for her. The recovery progress is slow, but apparent over the years. In the past, she was moving only with a walker, but now Monta has begun to walk independently, and last year, with pride, she with her own strength as a charity concert participant went all the way to her seat in the hall. It was important for Monta to see that everybody sees and appreciates her achievements, because the ability to walk was a long cherished dream that came true!