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Thanks to contributors, smiley Mihails will be able to continue ABA therapy and improve his communication skills.

Mihails is four years old. He is a long-awaited child, because his mother prayed for eight years to become a mother. At the age of three, it was noticed that the son did not behave in the way his peers behaved. He did not look in the eyes, did not contact other people, he could repeat the same word for several times, start crying or laughing for no apparent reason. Following these observations, the medical commission identified autistic spectrum disorders. At first, there was shock, tears and the question of what to do next.

Thanks to the social service, Mihails has started ABA therapy classes. They have already made a very good result. At the beginning of ABA therapy, the little boy could wave clumsily, but by the end of September, the mother heard an informed request from her boy for the first time; tears of joy and faith in the future for the mother was inexplicable!

Today, Miša can tell his own name, age, is able to make a number of requests that greatly simplify the family's everyday life. Based on these achievements, the mother believes that it will be possible to do much more with the psychologist and speech therapist, because Miša has a good chance of starting to speak fluently.

"We are working to supplement the vocabulary. We must work all the time. To learn words, then behavioral problems. How to behave in public. Mihails probably would not be a president or a banker. Although he is very good at calculating. But the main thing is that, as he grows up, he would be useful to society and be able to care for himself,” says Mihail’s mom.

Unfortunately, the social service pays only for 10 lessons with each specialist, and the family does not have the financial capacity to pay for the rest of such necessary lessons. In order to improve Mihail's communication skills, it is necessary to continue ABA therapy, and thanks to the contributors, Mihails will be able to do this!