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Emanuel’s big dream was to stand on his own feet, and now he has succeeded. The boy is already walking independently with RGO orthoses.

Emanuels is an ambassador of Day of Goodness, and his dream was to stand on his own feet. He needed reciprocal walking orthoses, which, thanks to the contributors, he has received.

Before receiving the help, he could never straighten himself either during the day or night, he had difficulty to sleep, so that was the reason why deep back deformations appeared which began to seriously affect breathing and cardiovascular functioning. Due to not ever having taken a standing position, the leg growth has also delayed considerably.

Now, actively walking with orthoses, the legs have started to grow according to the upper part of the body, there are improvements in breathing, blood circulation, intestine functioning and the sleep has become normal. In physiotherapy, a number and variety of exercise increases that was not possible in the past.

The boy likes riding a wheelchair very fast, paying the guitar and engage in crafts.

Emanuel’s mother says about him: "One child has got such a great assistance! Emanuels has overcome a hopeless situation! Now it is our time to help ourselves — we will go to the pool at Sigulda Sports Centre, will have underwater massages, will exercise at school ourselves, in the sports lessons, will continue to learn how to walk, and will look for a new physiotherapist closer to our home."