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"Angels above Latvia" will enable Alberts to attend the necessary specialists who will help him develop spoken language skills.

Albert’s development was very good in the first year of his life, but then the language development began to delay, and when he was at the age of two, he and his family started visiting doctors - speech therapists, neurologists and psychiatrists. When he was at the age of three, he was diagnosed with childhood autism.

He does not like loud noises, such as a vacuum cleaner, a blender, a lawnmower, but he is very interested in a variety of flashing lights. Alberts together with the whole family likes having a good run through the forest, park or playground. The child tends to have a lot of fun moments, because he is also a great joker, but his sense of humour is a little different from ours — he comes to laughter, for example, about a human navel or how somebody blows one’s nose.

Alberts is currently attending ABA therapy and speech therapist who he really likes, and he is really trying to do what he asks. The biggest hope of the family is that Alberts will learn to speak and will later be able to study in a regular school