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The Safe Cape

The Safe Cape – it is a special care programme for the very tiniest ones – prematurely born babies.

The purpose of the programme is to improve the health of the prematurely born babies in the long term and promote their successful integration into society, including lowering the rates of developing a disability among the prematurely born patients.

The support by the doctors of the Children's Hospital, the Children's Hospital Foundation, our First Lady Mrs. Iveta Vējone, Maxima Latvia, media and the public, and the responsiveness from competent state authorities has led to very definite changes in health care that are going to have a positive effect on the development and health of prematurely born babies!

How the programme works

The programme for prematurely born babies The Safe Cape includes the monitoring of the child's health after discharge from the hospital up to two years of age, to monitor the prematurely born child's development and to early identify any health problems and take care of them in due time. It is important that the programme will allow systematising and accumulating measuring and observation date in the breakdown by groups of diagnosis, thereby enabling the analysis of the accumulated information and providing recommendations for therapy and care, as well as participating in research work.

Mrs. Iveta Vējone, the First Lady and the patroness of the programme for prematurely born babies says: "I am genuinely pleased about the success of the programme "The Safe Cape" and about what has already been accomplished to improve the care of prematurely born babies. This project is a very significant help to all parents whose babies have been in great hurry to arrive to this side of the world. It is very important that one can have an assurance at this very special time, yet full of anxiety, that the baby will have all the medical care it needs, and it is under a safe cape during the first years of life – professional doctors are taking care of the baby.”

The CCUH and the CHF are organising the programme towards the care for prematurely born babies in partnership with the retail chain SIA Maxima Latvija and its initiative For a Growing Latvia.