Enhancement of the hospital environment

There is no doubt that the work of the medical staff and its quality is critical; however, appropriate pleasant and children-friendly premises – the environment– also have a role in recovery.


Environment is capable both of facilitating the recovery and hampering it, therefore we see to it that a child and the parents can stay in hospital premises that are pleasant, comfortable and relevant to the profile of the disease.

To attain this, we organise the repairs, seek to accommodate the premises with handy and practical furniture for children of various age groups and their parents, provide additional equipment for different activities, such as for the speech therapist's office, in order to help children to get well more successfully. We also equip playrooms in the departments and supply them with toys, to bring some joy to children and have some change in their environment. We also improve the catering for children, to feed children nicely served meals appropriate to their age and state of health; we also set up playgrounds, because it is important to spend some time outdoors while being at a hospital.

The list of items we have already organised for the hospital is quite a long one, but, as it is a hospital, all things undergo disinfection on a regular basis and are also used very intensively, which means that everything wears out quickly. Let us imagine that each day about 30 children want to put together the same puzzle: no wonder the small pieces are mislaid after some days, and some get damaged. This is a routine, and therefore we try to upgrade the stock of toys on a regular basis, and also the furniture.

During the past fifteen years the Children's Hospital has been subject to major changes, and the specialists working at the hospital have been eyewitnesses as to how the looks of the premises can have a positive effect on children's mood and even the result of the treatment. Cosy premises, furniture adapted to the children's age, toys, holiday celebrations in the department – all this is perfect medicine that helps to get well. We have accomplished quite a lot together with the donors towards creating a hospital environment for children that gives them pleasant emotions and helps to recover!