Angels Above Latvia

Necessary funds: 373217 EUR
Donated: 2970 EUR
Data renewed: 01.12.2021.
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Day-to-day operations of the Children's Hospital indicate that the state is capable of paying for most of the treatment the children in Latvia would need. However, situations happen when the actual needs are beyond the financial possibilities at the current moment. It is especially important when the patient has been released from the hospital and is at home, however needs lengthy rehabilitation or medical devices that make the child's situation easier and improve the quality of life.

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It is especially important for children who need lengthy therapy or rehabilitation and require effective auxiliary devices tailored to their very specific needs, in order to lead a better quality life. We as society are able to help these children by making their everyday life easier and helping accepting their fate. As society, we can be their angels.

From the donations made in 2020, we have been able to help 336 children - all thanks to the help from our community. It was used for emergency situations when medical care needed to be found outside Latvia, for ABA therapy for children with ASD, as well as for orthoses and other types of devices for the use at home that help to improve the child's quality of life.

The campaign is organised every year: it starts in November and lasts till the end of January the next year. We invite everyone to get engaged in the campaign and become a guardian angel to children!

Donation options:

  • Call +371 90006869 – one call will donate EUR 4,27
  • Donating through this website through using the 'DONATE' button above.
  • Donating through the campaign website "Angels Above Latvia"
  • Donating in supermarket chain Rimi stores or through their e-shop