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Our Hospital

The Children's Clinical University Hospital is the largest specialised multi-profile children's medical treatment institution situated in two separate sites in Riga – 45 Vienības gatve and 20 Juglas iela. It provides treatment to more than 30,000 in-patients per year and medical and care services to more than 160,000 out-patients.

The vision of the Children's Hospital is to provide high quality and safe health care services to children, by developing it into a multi-profile, emergency aid, treatment and medical education and research centre that is friendly to children. The Children's Clinical University Hospital has been the safe pillar, asylum and saviour for more than a century, and it is always in guard of the health and future of our children. It has been the employer and educator in the medical science, craft and art for several dynasties of medical and other staff. The treatment methods have changed, and so has the hospital, but its core value remains unchanged – it is affection to the sick child.